Vodoinstalater (The Plumber)


Vodoinstalater (The Plumber)


Poster design for a chamber ballet The Plumber.

The Plumber is a chamber ballet based on the motifs of Boris Vian, a black-humored French writer, poet, composer, singer, chansonnier, jazz critic, engineer, translator, inventor; in general - there is no field in art or science that Vian was not interested in and did not deal with. Inspired by Vian's collection of short stories "The Ants", the authors put together a new story; the libretto according to which the score will be created, and according to it the Plumber.

Like any ballet, The Plumber is a station where the paths of musical material intersect, performed by 5 instruments, 5 musicians, and one laptop, and the libretto is interpreted by 2 performers, 2 performers, and one bridge. The plumber’s characters move through the gray area from play to dance, which can best be described by the term movement.

The plumber is black ballet. It couldn't be white because both the score and the libretto are black, and the humor depends on the colors of the flag under which it is played.

Gordan Tudor

Libretto, choreography 
Natalija Manojlović

Set design
Vojin Hraste

Davorka Begović

Dean Krivačić
Ivana Pavlović
Judita Franković 
Nino Bokan

Ana Benić (flute)
Tanja Tortić (violin)
Goran Jurković (tenor saxophone)
Ivan Batoš (piano) 
Oleg Gourskii (double bass)

University of Zagreb  
Student Center - Culture of Change  
Theater & TD and Music Biennale Zagreb